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Dr. Marc Terebelo Southfield ChiropractorDr Marc Terebelo has been a Chiropractic Physician for over 31 years and the owner of Chiropractic Wellness Center.  He is knowledgeable in many different holistic techniques and molds his treatment to what works best for each individual patient.  Dr Terebelo studied under Dr George Goodheart, founder and developer of Applied Kinesiology and Dr Ellen Cutler, the founder and developer of the BIOSET system of allergy desensitization. 

Dr Terebelo has been the recipient of 17 awards of commendation and excellence from the Michigan Chiropractic Society (now the Michigan Association of Chiropractors) and a member in good standing with the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK-USA) since 1986.

Dr Terebelo is well-known in the community as a teacher of holistic education.  He is the developer of a 10-session course entitled, “Fundamentals of Muscle Testing” which has been offered over 14 years for those interested in learning more about the latest breakthroughs in muscle testing and holistic healthcare.

Dr Terebelo was recently honored by Hour Detroit Magazine for being one of the top Chiropractors of 2014 as selected by his peers.

Dr Terebelo successfully treats the whole family from the youngest to the eldest providing comprehensive natural health care from chiropractic adjustments to advanced diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of health challenges.  Through attention to the spine and the nervous system and providing specific nutrition of high level grade, Dr Terebelo achieves impressive results that keep his patients healthy and vibrant.

We offer personal individualized care and our goal is to provide the results you seek.

We pride ourselves on our fine reputation based on the quality care that we provide.

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