Chiropractic Assistant

Lori Monroe

Lori Monroe

I have been in the medical field for over 29 years.  Seven of those years were spent managing Stanford Ranch Chiropractic in California.  In my career I have worked in many different aspects of the medical field.  I have found that Chiropractic is my favorite simply because of the positive energy toward holistic healing that it provides.  It’s the kind of community that teaches patients not only how to heal, but how to heal without harmful drugs such as opioids and narcotics.  I have always believed that these products are dangerous to your mind body and soul.  They simply mask your pain and suffering, they do not heal.  Because of my own beliefs, I find that the Chiropractic community  is where I best fit.

In my chiropractic career I was the key person in my community to help educate our neighbors with the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor.   Twice a year we would throw a BBQ for the community where they could meet our Doctors, our staff and have questions answered about what it is we do and how it can benefit their lives.

I was extremely fortunate to find that Dr. Terebelo needed a new assistant.  I am now managing and assisting him in his practice and look forward to a very bright future in his practice.  I look forward to meeting and help heal not only his current patients but also his future patients.

 A little about me.  I have three enormous fur babies who rule my world.  My favorite things to do outside of work are cooking, skiing, camping, boating and cruising this beautiful world of ours.  Cruising allows me to meet many different kinds of people on this big blue marble of ours.  I love making new friends from all over the world.

Working with Dr. Terebelo brings an exciting new chapter in my career.   I can’t wait to assist him in your health, well being  and happiness.

Lori Monroe

Liz Douglas

Lizetta Douglas

I am passionate about helping people feel better.  I have worked in many different realms of healthcare including as a physical therapy aide, medical coordinator, massage therapist and caregiver. I worked with Dr Terebelo years ago and I am grateful to return to his office and be a part of his team! My hobbies include classic car restoration, gardening, and hiking.  I have been married to my husband Irin for over 31 years and have two adult children and grandchildren.