Chiropractic Assistant

Stephanie Tarleton Stephanie joins our team with a background in medical billing and a passion for helping people. Her experience includes managing a home health care business with her family, making sure everyone was cared for in the best possible way. After a car accident in her early teens, Stephanie suffered from whiplash. She sought chiropractic care for relief and noticed how quickly the pain and the effects of whiplash diminished. A few years later she found herself working as a chiropractic assistant with a chiropractor who used Applied Kinesiology methods. By including AK protocol of soft tissue treatment, nutrition, and a more “whole body approach” she noticed how patients achieved impressive results with alleviating pain and conditions that were not healing up with conventional chiropractic or medicine. Stephanie is grateful to be Dr. Terebelo’s assistant and to be a part of helping patients achieve their health goals of being pain free and healthy, without drugs. Stephanie is a mother of two young children Cameron and Kierstin. She cherishes time spent with them in play and exercise such as taking walks. She also loves to cook and her hobbies include learning new culinary delights.