Lifestyle Advice

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Dr Terebelo is cognizant to the fact that what you do at home or at work may influence the outcome of your care.  Repetitive motion injury is very common. Repeating the same physical activity can eventually cause injury resulting in pain and discomfort.

Using Applied Kinesiology techniques, Dr Terebelo is trained to locate repetitive motion injury, correct the muscular strain that it causes and instruct you on alternative ways to avoid re-injury. Sometimes old habits involving careless, improper lifting and carrying can result in injury and continual re-injury. Knowing how to lift and carry is essential to maintaining a pain free life.  Also knowing what sleeping positions are best and which to avoid and how many pillows one should use are also critical points that are not ignored at the ChiropracticWellnessCenter.

Did you know that back pains and other physical conditions may be caused by the foods you eat?  Using muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology methods Dr Terebelo can check to see if sensitivity to certain food groups might be causing inflammation in your body, thus playing a role in your pain and discomfort. Book your appointment now with Dr Terebelo click here to get started.

At Chiropractic Wellness Center we provide personalized individual care.  You will get the attention that you need to get rid of pain and feel good again.  A brief exam is performed at each appointment to assess your improvement and your current condition.

You will be advised at the end of each treatment whether it will be beneficial to engage in physical exercise and what you should or should not do.

As you can see we do all that we can to help you.

Dr Terebelo is serious  about providing quality care that gets you well as quickly as possible by addressing the many factors that may be contributing to your condition.