Spinal Decompression

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Low back, neck and sometimes mid back pain can be caused by a disc related injury.

The discs are a sponge- like material between the bones of your spine.  If you lift, twist improperly or an accident such as a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall (or almost slip and fall) can cause the disc to inflame and compress the delicate nerve root.  This can result in muscle weakness that can be demonstrated as a result of the pinched nerve.

When the condition is severe enough the patient may experience severe pain, sometimes radiating through the shoulder(s) and arm(s) for neck involvements, leg pain(s) for low back involvement, and frank sometimes severe pain in the mid/upper back should that area be involved.

Disc problems are important because if left uncorrected, it could result in arthritic degenerative changes to the vertebral segment and disc, and a continual worsening of symptoms that could result in herniation and an eventual surgery situation.

Here is a short presentation I put together for you to explain the many facets disc therapy and care:

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