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Chiropractic Care For The Whole Family

Serving the Southfield, Lathrup Village, Birmingham and Royal Oak areas

Dr. Terebelo can help people just like you find the source of back pain, sciatica, headaches, and many other issues of functional distress with the knowledge and dedication to alleviate pain and functional distress.  My goal is to get you feeling good again as quickly as possible. 

Dr. Terebelo brings over 42 years of experience into treating each patient who present with various levels of pain and functional distress.  Patients experience the benefit from the doctor’s skill and know how, the chiropractic adjustment, and his expertise of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Applied Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing which allows an access into the body system to assess body function.  Dr Terebelo is distinguished in that he was taught and mentored by the founder of AK, Dr George Goodheart. 


We include the most effective approaches to reach your goal of being pain free.

Corrective Exercise

Our goal is to get you on your feet again, enjoying activities that you always have, minus the discomfort.

Lifestyle Advice

We locate repetitive motion injury, correct it and instruct you on alternative ways to avoid re-injury

Spinal Decompression

Help for Low back, neck and even mid back pain often caused by a disc related injury.

Deep Oscillation Therapy

Help for damaged tissues, alleviating pain, and reducing swelling while restoring flexibility and blood supply.


Testing to determine your Omega-3 index, which can severaly impact your health.

Applied Kinesiology is what makes our work unique and advantageous for our patients.  We are a chiropractic care office and what sets us apart is that not only do we correct bones out of place (subluxation and sprains) we also include soft tissue and nutritional support in our approach because not all pain is because of misaligned bones and misaligned bones will not be adept at stabilizing should there be weak muscles surrounding them.  Addressing pulled muscles and nutritional needs allows you to become pain free and your condition to stabilize faster.

Sciatica, leg pain, “pins and needles”, arm pain and radiating pain are symptoms commonly treated successfully by Dr. Terebelo.  The cause of these issues may be a disc involvement of some kind.  We can treat disc issues using our intersegmental traction table that can decompress the disc allowing it to be restored to its proper position.

As you heal we offer the HIVAMAT 200 physiotherapy of deep oscillation massage to relax muscles, alleviate pain and reduce swelling.  Chiropractic Wellness Center is pleased to announce the addition of HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Therapy to enhance patient outcomes and quality of care.  Our office is the first chiropractic clinic in Oakland County to offer this technology for the fast relief of pain and swelling. And as your condition stabilizes and your health improves we have a personal fitness trainer, Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist on staff to help you retain a pain free body and further achieve your health goals.  We are also networked with some of the most talented massage therapists in the area to help you maintain your health and pain free status.

We provide you with the means via treatment and professional coaching to enjoy a pain free and healthy life.  Our mission is to eliminate pain and restore health in an expeditious manner through definitive chiropractic, holistic education, and service that will exceed your expectations.  And we are looking for patients who value their health and want a chiropractor who offers a natural and holistic approach to whole body wellness.