Our Services

What we do is determine what your body needs to be free of back and neck pain, headaches, and functional distress.  What is “functional distress”?  Most of the list of symptoms that you have been blaming on aging, the weather, and perhaps your parents!

We offer expert chiropractic care using the techniques of Applied Kinesiology.  Applied Kinesiology (AK) is the use of muscle testing which allows an access into the body system to assess body function.  Through this specialized technique we also address muscle strain and fascia injury, disc decompression (traction), cranial sacral therapy including TMJ, work with acupuncture points and provide nutritional support.  We are able to pin point the cause of your pain.

We provide you with the means via treatment and professional coaching to enjoy a pain-free and healthy life.  Not all pain is because of spinal injury.  Pain and tightness can be related to muscle strain.  That is why there are two experienced massage therapists on staff for ancillary care and relaxation with hours that accommodate your needs including weekends and evenings.  Nutritional imbalances can cause muscle spasm.  We check this as well, offering you a complete, comprehensive approach to ridding your body of pain and restoring your health.

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