Corrective Exercise

Did you know that some of your daily activities may be causing structural imbalances leading to pain and discomfort? These activities may be causing repetitive motion injuries and joint sprain and need to be modified if you are going to attain your goal of a pain free lifestyle.

Our goal is to get you on your feet again, enjoying activities  that you always have, minus the discomfort.  Movement is important as motion promotes blood flow throughout the body, encouraging lymphatic drainage, muscular strength and weight control.

Corrective Rehabilitative Exercises will help you build muscle and attain good posture. When should you start?  Dr Terebelo will instruct you so that you will proceed at the proper time and manner depending on your condition. Book your appointment now with Dr Terebelo click here to get started

Need an effective and healthy way to relieve stress after a long day at work?  Exercise!

You got to keep moving, that is important.