Office consultant

Joulianna Kwasnik

JouliannaJoulianna’s 17 years in medical practice and office management have been motivated by one overriding goal: to create the best possible experience for patients and customers by designing efficient practice processes that allow providers and staff to focus on service delivery.  Graduating with honors from Michigan State University in 1995 with a BA in Labor Relations, Joulianna went on to develop her skills by poring over industry publications and taking coursework in Practice Management Software, MS Office, QuickBooks, and accounting. In the course of her career, she has developed a vision that allows her to both quickly identify areas for improvement in office workflows and find ways to remedy them.

Joulianna’s holistic approach extends beyond the business aspects of the practice, however, and she strongly embraces the holistic healthcare model. She first discovered Applied Kinesiology (AK) in 1989 when a boyfriend was scheduled for back surgery. The chiropractic care he received from a doctor who practiced AK left him better than before his injury — in only three visits!  Practitioners using AK have also helped Joulianna to resolve her own health issues where conventional medicine failed, including incontinence from age 13-18, low blood sugar and thyroid levels, hormone imbalances, avoid knee surgery, and heal herniated discs. She continues as a regular chiropractic patient for personal wellness.

Experiencing remarkable benefits and seeing the same in many others ultimately crystallized Joulianna’s career vision: supporting holistic care providers through knowledge of best management practices and the latest technology. Joulianna is committed to incorporating the holistic model into all aspects of the practice, creating a supportive work environment and a welcoming place of healing for patients.  She has incorporated these values in dental, pediatric and three chiropractic offices.

After her part-time hours at Dr. Terebelo’s, Joulianna enjoys her role as a risk management specialist offering individuals, families and small businesses access to legal council and identity theft protection with the world’s leading risk management company. She also enjoys improvisational dance, yoga, working out, spending time with friends and family, reading and outdoor activities.