Healthstat System

Dear Patient,


According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), chronic diseases are not prevented from vaccines or generally cured by medication, nor do they just disappear.  The major chronic disease killers (heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes) are considered “largely preventable” with positive lifestyle habits, such as physical activity and proper nutrition.  Notice that these diseases do not strike, they build.  You could very well be feeling okay, and your arteries could be forming plaque.  In fact, the latest research shows that our arteries start to plaque while we are still in our teens!  Yet we continue on, there may be a sense of feeling more tired than usual and we chalk that up to “getting older”.  Then suddenly the blood pressure is up or worse yet, a cardiac episode or stroke.  That is precisely why you cannot rely on symptoms as a true indicator of good health.  “I feel good therefore I am healthy” is not always the case.  You put your hand on a hot stove; the burn is an immediate and welcomed symptom before you lose your whole hand!   But the killer diseases that are epidemic in our communities, they build.  And the good news is that prevention, using holistic methods and knowledge is the best way to safeguard your most important asset, your health!

I am pleased to offer for you now, the HEALTHSTAT system17 tests to evaluate your health and need for lifestyle changes.  The tests are noninvasive, using urine and saliva, generating quick potentially lifesaving information done right in our office at a cost you can afford (special introductory rate of $65).

HEALTHSTAT is an objective system that will give you the information you need to know about how you stand with your health.  It will:

  1. Determine your risk for various digestive disorders and toxicities.
  2. Discover your level of free radical activity (damage from free radicals lead to cancer, pre-mature aging, and a myriad of other degenerative conditions).
  3. Assess your risk for immune function, infections, and atherosclerotic plaques
  4. Evaluate your risk for osteoporosis and other related disorders caused by calcium deficiencies.
  5. Determine your ability to maintain consistent energy levels and other related disorders caused by adrenal dysfunction.
  6. Assess your risk for diabetes and much more!


After testing you will receive a scorecard of your current health risk factors and a customized plan for addressing these risks.

Chronic diseases are epidemic.  Don’t wait until they strike.  Protect your health by being proactive.

Everyone should have this test performed.  Call and make your appointment today 248-593-8282 or click here to get started